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Lasso (6 min., video, color, sound USA/Canada, 2005)

My meditation on the romance of "The Wild West": pure spatial motion. Exploring the virtual potential of the horizon line while framing that spatial experience.  This piece is also available as an installation. Specifications available upon request.

Distribution Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center

Selected Screenings
2005 San Francisco Cinematheque, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
2005 Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma Paris/Berlin 

2005 Féstival des Cinèmas Différents, Paris


"Here, then, is Le Corbusier describing the walks he took with his father, there in the Swiss Alps when, as a child, he was still Edouard Jenneret. 'We were constantly on summits', he says, 'the immense horizon was quite usual for us. When the sea of mist stretched away to infinity it was just like the real ocean - which I had never seen. It was the most magnificent sight.' The sea of mist below; the sky is above; one is, oneself, merely a point in an unarticulated immensity. A gravitationless field. A space that, defying the norms of the body, is verging on the almost purely abstract. There is nothing of the void about this magnificence. Instead this space inside this cosmic envelope is everywhere vectored, scored by ordinate and absscissa, marking out the numberless sites of an always potential Prägnanz. For form is possible everywhere." Rosalind Krauss, The Optical Unconscious.


"All landscapes can be described as hills and valleys, and time is said to flow. But geographically speaking, hills and valleys are maxima and minima whose definition presupposes the choice of gravitational vector. Suc
h that the reading of a landscape, in a relation not to extrema but to inflections, leads us towards an experience of weightlessness." Bernard Cache, Terre Meuble

Clamp (10 min. video, B&W, sound, USA, 2000)
 This is a clip.

An explicit experimental video. The subject ignores the viewers’ participation in her pleasure, creating a hermetically sealed auto-erotic experience.

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center and Collectif Jeune Cinéma

Selected Screenings
2000 Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago 

2001 Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley 

2001 Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria


"…[P]rocess must not be viewed as a goal or an end in itself, nor must it be confused with and infinite perpetuation of itself.” – Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, The Anti-Oedipus.